Hi Norm…

From the bottom, top and sides of Sharon’s and my heart; Thank You! You made it easy with your patience, abundant help/resources & your expertise. Truly as light as the flight of this butterfly not to be corny.

A toast to you to be repeated at our new home OK?

Be well & take care.

Sharon & Micha 9/24/18

I am a 4 year tenant of a Norm Haley property located in Pasadena, CA. During my 4 year stay, Norm Haley was by far the best land lord I have experienced. He made him self available and also responded very timely to any issues and/or concerns. Norm Haley also has a team that assist on his behalf regarding management needs. This team has also exhibited very responsible and professional services. The property itself was managed well with no concerns noted.
I must say it was time for me to move but If I could take my land lord with me... I would.

Thanks again Norm Haley Real Estate for blessing me with such a awesome rental experience !!!

The pictures of the house are beautiful. You did a fantastic job. You certainly do walk the extra mile for your clients.

Thank you,
Agnes McCarthy

I met Norm in 2013 when I rented my first apartment and the experience has been great ever since. Extremely friendly and personable neighbors. Any time I needed something fixed Norm was just an email away and always responded quickly. He has an amazing maintenance team and would have the problem fixed by the next day....and on top of that, Norm always did a follow up to make sure I was satisfied with the work that was done. Every year you could expect a card from Norm with pictures sharing the places he's traveled to throughout the year and wishing us all a happy holiday. Just shows how much he cares about keeping in touch and keeping a great relationship with his tenants. Norm is an overall great landlord with a great spirit and when I'm ready to buy my house, he's the first realtor I will contact. 

Kashmeir Tucker 

My wife and I are planning to move next month and wanted to give our 30 day notice. Our girls got accepted to a school that we are really excited about. I would also like to say our life here has been wonderful and we really enjoyed renting from you. Everyone has been a pleasure to meet and know. Mike and his boys have always fixed things right away and the neighbors have been great.

Thank you for everything!
Justin Farmer & Niya Lenzen

To the “dealmaker” Thank you for all your help and guidance this year. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of getting to know you better, and now calling you a friend.

God Bless,
Christa & Angelo - 2016 first time home buyers.

I have been so pleased working with you these past several years.  Your professionalism and attentiveness to my property was superb.  Please free to use me as a reference especially with “remote” clients like me.  Brad, you did a masterful job leading me through the sale.  I regret it took so much of you time, but I do appreciate it very much. 

Happy New Year to you both. 

We enjoyed (and still enjoy!) it very much here and we love your beautiful house! It was perfect for us. Even today on this rainy day, we enjoyed sitting on the porch and Annie playing around.

Petra Seibold

As we reflect on the things we are thankful for this year. Drew and I are very thankful for a roof over our heads! We are thankful for Brad’s quick responseto the fix-it problems that pop up and so thankful for no rent increase in 2 years. What a blessing we don’t take that for granted!

Hope you are well this season!
Christina + Drew Shafer #100

Thank you so very much for the fast response to our plumbing problem this weekend. The plumbers you sent are top notch. They work clean, fast and are efficient. Your fast and prompt response (even on a holiday) is awesome.

Thank you much!
The Brascias

Thank you both for your rock-solid competent help throughout the process of preparing my property for sale, marketing and selling it, negotiating the offers, and managing the buyers to closing. I would recommend you both to anyone contemplating a real estate transaction. Really first-rate!

Thanks again,
Tom Chappell, Computer Engineer

It’s been great to have you as my property manager for nearly 3 years and I can honestly say that your firm has been a delight to work with; you’re the best property manager I’ve ever had!

Genevieve Liang, Tenant

It’s hard to leave when you’ve been such a great manager, but we both hope to keep in touch with you, especially as we’ll be looking to buy a home in the next few years.

John, Chef & Vanna Personnel Manager

Please know how much we appreciate your taking care of our Foothill property. Because of you, we’ve been able to manage the property from “afar” with your excellent work and very little effort on our part. We really, really are so grateful all you do for us.

Maria & Dave

Thank you very much for all you have done to assist in the sale of our family home in Altadena. My brothers and I had all moved away from the home we grew up in, over thirty years ago. Living out of town, we knew that it would be difficult to contract and oversee all of the improvements and upgrades planned for the family home, that our mother loved, and lived in for 60 years. Your specialty trade contractor contacts and commitment to manage the work was invaluable. The contractors did a great job, completing the work on budget and schedule. We agreed to list the home after the holidays and were truly impressed, when receiving a full listing price offer on day one. The offer was solid and the deal was closed on time. Your market knowledge, experience, and good communication were unsurpassed. Steve, Craig and I are very pleased with your effort, and recommend you highly.

John Mohns
San Diego, CA

Thank you for keeping me completely updated. Your presence in this escrow is showing to be extremely helpful and productive. I greatly appreciate it.

Caylan Myronowicz

We want to thank you again for all your help in the sale of our house, all the workers you provided or referred us to, the reassurances you gave us, the answers to questions we had, the fantastic photos for the brochure and everything else you did in representing up. Hopefully, you will get more business from the many people we told about you!”

Nancy and Fred Reas,

I highly recommend Norm and Brad. They have been our property manager for over four years and have done an excellent job. Our experience with them has been very positive. They have been very responsive to all of our needs as we live 80 miles away from our unit. They have handled all maintenance and repairs very expeditiously. Their fees are quite reasonable.  They have found us 3 tenants over the years and they were all good tenants except for the one, but Norm was extremely good at handling the situation. They are very knowledgeable of the area and the market. They have done a good job at getting us the best rental income based on the market. They are very professional and I am glad I have them managing our property.

Best regards,
Robert Smith
US Navy

Dear Norm,

Thank you for being a generous, resourceful and trusting landlord and mentor. Alfredo and I have learned a lot knowing you and deeply appreciate you supporting our family with your wisdom.

Heather Houbein,
Executive Assistant & Manager and
Alfredo Villatoro, US Army

Hey Norm,

Tracie and I just wanted to thank you for having Pete install the new ceiling fan. We really appreciate having both the fan and the light working–and it looks great in the room! Thanks for getting it done so quickly and efficiently. It’s great living in a house with such a responsive management team.

Management Executive

Hi Norm,

Thank you for the good management of the apartments. What a difference it makes to have someone like you who knows what they are doing and believes in doing things right.”

Thanks Again,

First and foremost I want to thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness when it comes to the rental at 175 N. Myrtle. We loved our time on Myrtle and you and your crack team of professional fixers were on any and all issues with just a phone call from us when we had a problem. That really made life there easy. Thanks Norm! If you ever need a recommendation for a future tenant just let me know. The pleasure was all mine.

Kindest regards,
Hume Crawford
Wholesale Paper Dealer

Hello Norm,

I can not express how sad we are to lose you as our land lord. You were great to us, you were always nice as can be. And you fixed everything without wasting any time. You are truly a great land lord. Thank you for everything you have done for us. I really truly hope that Rebeca and I end up in another Norm Haley Property some time in the near future.

Thanks again Norm,
Kurt & Rebeca Fuehrer
Disc Jockey

Norm is a consummate professional: he knows the market and pegged my home at the right asking price, even though it was substantially higher than most in the neighborhood. Other agents I spoke with would have had me list it at a significantly lower price, in view of the purported comparable properties that had sold recently. He was absolutely correct: I got a full-price offer within nine days of putting it on the market. Aside from price, Norm is great to work with. I was living out of town once the property was put on the market, and he took care of all the details regarding repairs and other similar matters at the house in my absence. More importantly, he keeps his cool and works well with the other party’s agent, even when they are being difficult, to resolve issues.

Evelyn Heidelberg
(Land use Attorney).

Thanks for all you have done recently and over the years to help me with my rental condo. Neither Kathy nor I could still have our Southern California Real Estate without you. Your expertise, contacts and plain old work on our behalf are tremendously appreciated. You are also a good friend and we are very thankful for you.

Very Sincerely,
(Director of Personnel Amador County, California).

Hi Norm

We have had a wonderful time at Myrtle Avenue, and are going to miss it, and you as such a wonderful landlord. We have so enjoyed having you as a resource, all your recommendations have worked out so well and you have been very available to tend to any problems in the house or on the property very quickly. The garden is beautifully maintained and always looks wonderful with plenty of flowers along the front walk. We have enjoyed living in Monrovia, not only because of the small town feeling, but also because of the nature that is at your doorsteps. The San Gabriel mountains are wonderful for day hiking and only a 5 minute drive from Myrtle Avenue. We have so enjoyed having you as a resource, all your recommendations have worked out so well. We have lived here for three years and will miss this lovely home.

Lynell and Philip Newmarch
Cape Town, South Africa

Hey Norm…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, so much for your extremely generous housewarming treat ! WOW, what a nice thing for you to do. I just can’t even tell you how much that means to me and to Juan (who gets by on bills, paychecks and more bills). You are such a classy gentleman, and of course, this is why we truly enjoy doing business with you ! You are so ethical and knowledgeable. It’s a good thing these days to have such attention from a fine professional like YOU. We look forward to more deals in the future…though at the price of this one, it may be awhile !!! Thank you again,

Fondly and sincerely,

I just wanted to thank you for being such a great landlord. You made it really easy for us to live in the house & were so responsive to any kind of complaint. I feel like we really lucked out & hopefully my good luck with you will continue in the future with other landlords.

Thanks Again. Cheers

This letter will serve as a letter of recommendation for Norm Haley who has been managing two of my buildings for a couple of years.

When Norm took over the management, my 10 unit apartment building in Monterey Park, California was in need of proper management of the then present tenants, filling of vacancies, taking care of the poor landscaping, and all of the deferred maintenance which the previous managers had not attended to. There were several vacancies, and the previous managers just gave the key to prospective tenants to look at the units without supervising them. I later found that several of the units had been left open by those looking at the apartments, and luckily, no vandalism occurred.

Norm completely turned everything around. The apartment is now full, the landscaping is immaculate, and we are slowly renovating each unit as it becomes vacant. He also did an excellent job with my single-family house I own in Pasadena, California, and rent out.

I can highly recommend Norm Haley without hesitation as a person of the highest integrity, who is extremely intelligent, who is enthusiastic about his work, is extremely hard working and diligent, and whom you can rely on without question.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,
Henry Tsutomu Tai, M.D., Ph.D.

“I wanted to take a moment to express again my sincere thanks for how you handled the situation that occurred in your Hellman Ave. property last Thursday night. Your prompt attention, your ability to get a hold of someone who could handle the circumstances, and your interest in making sure all of the details turned out as expected left me a great deal of respect and gratitude for you and your business. When things became more interesting Sunday morning, the same attention to detail and the needs of your tenants again stood out, and as before, everything was taken care of quickly and efficiently”.


“Dear Norm, We were finally informed today, by escrow, that the Bubbling Wells Road property has been registered in our name. Joanne and I want to thank you for your invaluable assistance, without which we would have been snared by the other real estate agent and mortgage broker into a very unfavorable deal. We are very happy with the way things have been resolved.”


“I know it sounds contradictory, but having known Norm in a few of his many capacities (landlord, developer, agent, friend and car-nut!), Norm is the consummate professional whose word Is bond. If Norm gives you his word that he will do something, it gets done. Having been in a business where your only asset is your word, I know Norm’s capabilities are rare and valuable.

Case in point, the seller of our house conducted a “Sale by Owner”. The longer the process continued, the more bids the seller received at higher prices. Norm pressed for a two-week escrow (unbelievable!). It didn’t happen – it was only 12 days! If you have a chance to work with him, please jump at it. I guarantee you won’t regret it – in fact, you’ll enjoy every step of the process. Thanks again Norm, for making the potentially harrowing experience of purchasing a house in a seller’s market, a pleasure.”

(Retired Commodities Broker & Former Tenant)

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I could have never done all of the stuff involved in getting my condo ready. You sure do know your “stuff” Norm! My family is ever indebted to you!”

Toni McKiernan
Arcadia Recreation Department

“Norm, thanks for everything. You’ve been a super Real Estate advisor and friend. We are both so very grateful for our beautiful home and for the many extra favors over the years”

David and Loraine Noriega
Automotive Parts Dealer

“I want to thank you for selling my house so quickly. Your Marketing knowledge and experience brought me four offers in less than a week. I chose you because you always answer your telephone personally and I didn’t want to deal with any assistants or secretaries. I am 92 years old and have lived in the house for 32 years. Thank you for the way you handled everything”

Millie Estey
founder Theater Americana

“Working with you has brought a whole new meaning to the word integrity. Representing us both as buyers and sellers and you were totally dedicated to us and your work. You were committed to making sure we had a clear understanding of every step of the process. You did everything in your power to make the experience a pleasant and successful one.”

Betsy & Dan Lombardo
special effects movie producer

“You are such a big help. Don’t know how we could possibly be absentee landlords without you! Thanks so very much.”

Madalyn Martinez
Marin County personel manager

“We are very grateful to you for all of your efforts to make our housing desires a reality. As our buyers’ agent you spent many hours showing us properties well before we had our former home on the market so that we would become familiar with the options in our price range in the area we wanted to live. In the months that we looked you kept us appraised of any interesting properties and were never more than a phone call away. I have never seen anyone respond so quickly to a page. Either you picked it up immediately or called within five to ten minutes. I never had to go through intermediaries or feel out of touch…”

“Your knowledge of Pasadena and the surrounding communities, your years of experience in the real estate field, and your negotiating skills were all instrumental in helping us secure the property we decided upon. We knew we could trust your judgment whenever we had questions and depend upon your professionalism to guide us. While an anomaly in the crowded real estate field today, an independent agent is a rare treasure. Thank you for making a difficult move as painless as possible.”

Trudy Hatter
Wife of 9th Circuit of Appeals Presiding Judge

“Norm I have known you for about 30 years, and I can’t imagine anyone being more available or more helpful! Advising and steering me through the unusual circumstances of the purchase of my present home, and assisting me in every way possible in the preparation and sale of my condo surely saved me from the turmoil that many people experience in these transactions. Thanks so much for everything! Norm, you are a gem!”

Barbara Arnold
newspaper editor and artist